Saturday, July 03, 2010

Another day, another bug...

The other day, I opened a blind in the garage and found this massive moth huddled in the corner of the window, waiting to die. But apart from some tattered wings, she (or he) seemed okay!

At first she was a little shy...

She kept popping her antennae down under her wings, all sweet and demure!

Then the antennae would spring back into action!

I took her outside to release her, but she wasn't particularly eager to leave my hand.

She was well-camouflaged on the deck boards (which are desperately in need of a paint job!)

I haven't had a chance to I.D. her yet, but I thought she was pretty cute, for a moth!


  1. Gorgerous - and that gave me some great yarn colour combination ideas!

  2. I think she is some kind of hawk moth

  3. Wanderingcat, I would lOVE to see the yarn that results from this inspiration! :)

    Pretty neat moth, eh?

  4. I'm suspecting some kind of Sphinx Moth... probably a Twin-spotted, but I can't rule out Big Poplar Sphinx or One-eyed (Cerisy's).

  5. Wow! What gorgeous pictures of a beautiful moth!

  6. Great closeup shots of the beautiful moth!

  7. Oh dear, she looks quite ruined. The vet in me does not give her long for this world, bless her soul.

    One of the things that I have long regretted is that I used to be an avid butterfly collector, in the best place to be, Africa, and among my dubious collections was an amazing moth that was fully eight inches wide from wingtip to wingtip. When you consider that an insect the size of a swallow has come to visit your house, well, it's kind of hard to swallow.

    FYI this occurred in Zaire, Africa.

  8. That is a one massive bug. amazing find :)

  9. Chef Nick, I never know when you're telling the truth or spinning tales, but either way, you've got great stories!


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