Thursday, July 15, 2010

Too cool to drool...

For the past five days, we've had four kids (and their two parents) in the house. All of the pets have been getting extreme amounts of attention, such that they will all likely die of neglect, the kids (and their two parents) having departed this morning!

The girls particularly enjoyed dressing the pets up in sunglasses...

Too cool to drool!

Alex is too cool, period. I've never had such a relaxed (dare I say slovenly?) cat! Rachel renamed him "Pancake."

Naomi is stylin' in her new shades!

Sophie looks marvellous in white!

Julius says, "I think not!"

But the coolest of all was young Sarah!


  1. Very cool photos! Love that... pancake.

  2. Julius, the coolest cat around!

  3. Pancake has been meowing a lot since the girls (and boy) left. I think he's missing all the attention!!


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