Friday, July 09, 2010

You gotta love a girl who...

Polishes your silver!

Communes with the chipmunks!

Keeps your cats happy!

Bakes you raspberry muffins while managing not to trip on a "helpful" dog!

Is willing to try new foods (like this Kosher poutine made by our marvellous friend Ronna!)

Likes to relax on a swing!

Good-naturedly lets you make fun of the architecture of her country's embassy in Ottawa!

Listens to Gordon's Canadian history, geography and politics lessons without complaint!

Rachel is here visiting for a week. She is the daughter of my friend Lisa. Lisa and I became penpals as teenagers, when I was living in Toronto and she in Massachusetts. Thirty years later (!), we are still friends, although we now communicate via email instead of snail mail. Her family (all six of them!) now visits us every summer, but this year Rachel is getting to visit for a week on her own before the rest of the crew shows up. She's wonderful company and has a great sense of humour. And my silverware has never looked better!

AND she's a baking genius. Today we are making carrot cake with cream cheese frosting! Following that, pumpkin pie for Gordon. :)


  1. Everybody Ought to Have a Maid?

  2. What a nice visit you're having! And you go ahead and make fun of that embassy--that's hideous.

    Love Gordon't t-shirt, though!

  3. What ahelpful young lady!

  4. It was pretty great having a maid for a week! A ray of sunshine in our house, I might add.

    Dephal, around Ottawa they call the Embassy "The Lunchbox"!And I got that shirt for Gordon on Etsy:

  5. I'm sure she thoroughly enjoyed herself with you, Gordon, the dogs, the chickens, the cats... who wouldn't. She's a lovely looking girl.


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