Monday, April 12, 2010

Why yes, I am feeling a bit of déjà-vu!

I think it's time to rename this blog "Cone-headed Pets' World." But at least we saw this one coming, as the vet visit was scheduled...

Yep, there is another Conehead in the building. Tristan went in to the vets' today to have a fatty lump removed from his back knee joint. It's likely benign but is being sent off for a biopsy just in case. He would not leave the damn thing alone (lick, lick, lick) so we finally arranged to have it removed.

At the same time, the vet froze off the wart on Tristan's muzzle, (which the dog had already sheared off once while running around outside! It grew back) expressed his anal glands and cut his claws. All this and general anaesthesia too! He's a little tired but he's home and snoozing.

The cone has to stay on for TEN DAYS!!! That means TEN DAYS of no off-leash walks around the farm. I am pretty sure Tristan will drive me crazy over that one.

Sophie checks out the patient after his arrival home today.

Such a pretty blue bandage!

I sincerely hope this is the end of vet bills for awhile. My huge mistake was opening my yap last month and saying to the vet's receptionist, just after the cats' annual exam, how we'd gone a whole year without having to see the vet! Talk about tempting fate.


  1. Poor mummy....Do chickens also need vet care? All the best to family.

  2. I'm sure he will be a torment Knatolee! Poor fellow

  3. Well, you know, things come in three's!
    He doesn't look to pleased about this cone thing.
    I had to smile too, because of his general overhaul. :o)

  4. awww, get well soon tristan and julius!

  5. Claudia, so far the chickens have been healthy, and I want it to stay that way. No coned chickens! :)

    Jams, he has already learned to ram my knees from behind at high speed, thus collapsing them.

    Monika, I can't count to three. ;)

    Thanks PP!

  6. Well, since those things usually come in three's I hope not we will see a picture of you or Gordon as a "Conehead".
    But, I can picture it!!!!!@

    Only 3 weeks and 3 days to go.:-))

  7. Don't you just hate how "famous last words" always seems to work out? I jinx myself all the's a gift :) Poor cone-headed doggie! I hope the days speed along in "human time" so it won't seem so long.

  8. Anonymous12:11 pm

    I feel your (vet bill) pain. After we took Neferkitty to the vet for her "inappropriate" peeing, she brought home a cold virus. She recovered quickly but gave it to Culvey, who had it worse, necessitating another $125 visit to the vet in two weeks. Get well soon, Tristan! And stay well, everybody else!

  9. Yes, we love our animals but dread the vet bills! Hope Tristan is doing O.K. and not minding being "cone-headed" He's such a beautiful dog.

  10. Willie, I don't need another conehead (although Gordon might look cute in one!) This one is enough trouble. Can I come along in your suitcase?

    Lisa, time is moving sloooooooooowly...

    TTPT, I appreciate your empathy. We're up to $1000 in a month, and it all started with an innocent annual check-up. Oh well, still cheaper than sending my kids to Harvard!

    Paula, Tristan really doesn't seem to mind the cone, just the fact that it stops him from chewing at his leg. He's pretty happy in general. :)


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