Thursday, April 29, 2010


Last week, the local stewardship council planted some trees on our property, mainly along the creek (municipal drain) that was dredged out last fall. Two of the tree planters were lovely young women from the local college.

A couple of days after they'd finished their work, Gordon walked along the drain and discovered this:
One of the girls apparently got creative with the clay around the creek, no doubt thinking no one would ever come across her little creation!

Is is a dinosaur? A monster? A mudster?

Whatever it is, we LIKE it! Thanks girls, wherever you are, for making us smile. I think somebody should be in a sculpting program at art school, not planting trees!


  1. Almost a mudpuppy!?

  2. Anonymous10:52 pm

    Hey it kinda looks like your Gekko!!! ;)

    just dropped by to steal your pic of the cathedral in puebla. it's just a great picture. I'm writing a letter to my de facto inlaws ;) ... aren't i being presumptuous. ?! (er...hope they copiable ... if not i'm sure i have one... somewhere!)


  3. Are you sure IT didn't arrive from outer space, to reanimate ITself at the proper time?

  4. Entirely possible it DID arrive from outer space, Claudia! :)

    Dr Sloth, steal whatever you want. If you can't steal it, let me know and I'll send the original for your "in-laws"! :)

  5. It looks like a mud lizard to me (Limusaurus inextricabilis).

  6. Anonymous10:40 am

    yes got the copies! and took some others as well ..the palacio nacional (because i told them about the breakfast with the president ...and they can see the volcano from the other side), the capilla de rosario pics (awesome) and the street pic. AND i gave you full credit ... ain't no plagiarism gwan on siree.

  7. Looks like Godzilla to me!

  8. Very creative! I like it!

  9. A random act of creativity! Priceless.

  10. It's quite a miracle that Gordon found it out in the field! It's really cute, and hard as rock now.


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