Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Conehead the Barbarian

Our dogs are NOT allowed on the couch...

I repeat: our dogs are not allowed on the couch.

And for your viewing enjoyment, Conehead the Barbarian in action:

I think I had too much caffeine today.


  1. I love the constant tail action!

  2. How can ya not love a dog wearing a cone? Especially when their tail is wagging!

  3. Ah he;s such a handsme fellow, collar or no collar

  4. How dare you accuse Julius of being evil when you keep calling the poor fellow 'Cone-head'?? Baad mama. baaad baaad mama!

  5. He has a very loud tail, doesn't he? He's an extremely happy dog most of the time!

    Sue, you have a point. I am bad, bad, bad, mocking poor little Conehead.


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