Sunday, April 04, 2010

It's not what it seems...

What's this? An expired chicken? Passed out from the heatwave (29C) that we had here yesterday? Or perhaps left for dead by a wandering coyote?

Has her friend rushed to her side to assist her?

Duh, of course not! They're having a dust bath!

Rolling in the dirt feels so good, and it helps control parasites on her feathers too!

Meanwhile, two other hens check out what's on offer on the greening lawn.

A warm spring day, a bunch of dirt, and a very happy hen.

One more good roll...

... and off she went to investigate the cornfield next door!


  1. Those are great photos. My chickens always want to jump up and run to me looking for treats. Enjoy the warm weather!

  2. Cute post! Are you aware that Martha Stewart has a youtube video of herself putting her chicken to sleep?
    On another note, does rolling in the dirt and dust prevent parasites in dogs? Max rolls once or twice on the side of the road every time we go for our walks!

  3. I like that chicken-shaped hole she left in the dirt.

  4. That is a relief! It looks like a dust bath is fun!

  5. Paula, I haven't seen that video. I will have to look for it.

  6. Love the chickens!!! :)


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