Saturday, May 02, 2009

Kitty relaxation therapy

Relaxation for us both, I think. Last night, Naomi conked out on top of me while G and I were watching a movie. I sent him off to get the camera but she woke up before he returned. She fell asleep more or less sitting upright like a human (leaned against me) with her back legs splayed out in front, and front legs hanging limp. But by the time Gordon came with the camera, Naomi was having a bath:

I had been knitting before she showed up, but stopped after her arrival, because the best toys in the word for a young cat are knitting needles and wool! I am making an ear-flap hat, knit on round needles. I decided to see what Naomi thought of it:

Not much, apparently!


  1. Naomi is such a cuddly kitty! Her poses remind me of Marvin - (sometimes I need to remind him to act like a gentleman if you know what I mean - ha!!)
    P.S. On your profile - it says your age is 142. You sure look young.... :)

  2. Shelley, if I'd been sitting like Naomi was sitting, my mother would have, "Sit like a lady!!"

    I know, 142 is way up there, right? Secret fountain of youth. No, it's the wrong year! Subtract 97 and you'll have my age. ;)


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