Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So long ago...

I have been going through tons of photos and slides and old letters lately. Here's a pic from my parents' wedding day:

They were SO young! It was 1953, and Mum was just barely 20, Dad 22. Mum sewed her wedding dress, which had a calf-length skirt. (She sewed MY wedding dress too! She was a skilled and gifted dressmaker.) They were married in Surrey, England and moved to Canada five years later, hoping to get ahead (which they did.)

After 19 years of marriage, things went splat and they split up. But it's nice to think of them being so happy on this day.


  1. They were a very attractive couple! Sorry to hear they split.
    (My parents did after 25 years but I still love having their wedding photos, etc.)

  2. One of my favorite photos is an old black and white of wee-me, my mom and my dad, who also divorced after 20 years. While I love the image, I'm also infinitely grateful for the step-parents I got as a result. Everyone should have four parents.

  3. Anonymous10:18 am

    That's such a lovely photo, Nat. I love it!


  4. Anonymous10:16 am

    WOW do you look like your mom, or what?!

    love old pictures ... and it is indeed nice to see people in happier times.

    haven't commented on the previous entries although i've just gone through them... the head HURL .. Caber Yummy! hahahha ... and i LOVE those french doors in your house ... and the stairway ... looks so cosy!

  5. Sadly, both of my step-parents ultimately sucked.

    Dr. Sloth, when people who knew my Mum see me now, their jaws always drop: "You look JUST like your Mum!!" Funny, I am even built like her, right down to height, weight and foot size (10!) The only thing I lack is the English accent.

    And I don't know why an animal head in a jar would make you feel ill! No idea at all. Glad that Caber is not nausea-inducing.


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