Thursday, April 09, 2009

Billy Bob Brain-dead

Regarding Billy Bob Thornton's rude and ridiculous interview with Jian Ghomeshi on the CBC radio show Q yesterday, I can only say to Mr. Brain-dead, "Gee, STONED MUCH?!" least I hope he was stoned. Otherwise he's just a gigantic *sshole. Heck, maybe he's both.

And for the record, while Billy Bob Brain-dead mumbled something about a "6 am" interview being too early for him to cart his drums around, (as his excuse for not playing with the rest of his band on air), the show was actually recorded live at 9 am, as clarified by Mr. Ghomeshi himself today on CBC radio. Not that three hours likely would have made much difference.

And oh, Mr. Billy Bob? Perhaps the reason Canadians respond to you like "mashed potatoes without gravy" is because musically, you're not particularly exciting. At least, not exciting enough for us to get out the gravy and start pouring.

Too bad you gave up acting and directing, eh?


  1. He's a complete rude idiot in my opinion! I read the transcript of the interview and think Billy Bob is too full of himself. I predict his music career will go up in smoke in less than a year.

  2. He was such an A**..... I have never liked him much anyway

  3. I agree, such a jerk.

  4. Did you read that's he's cancelled his remaining Canadian dates? Apparently a few bandmembers have the "flu"... yah, right.

    I guess he's not THAT much of an idiot (or his PR people aren't or maybe the Willie Nelson camp has "released" his band from duties).
    I felt badly for his band mates during the interview though, he's got his millions, but they've invested themselves in his most recent "band" venture for whatever reason.

    Jian rocked it, cool, calm, collected and clever Canadian. So much better without all his Moxy Fruvous hair.

    And from one Canadian who has actually seen a Billy Bob Thornton concert (GAWD, the only reason I went was boss thought it would be an "experience")... he's done us in Canada a huge favour by checking out. HUGE.

  5. Oh my, Karen, you actually SAW/heard/endured the Boxcutters, I mean, Boxmasters? I fully believe you when you say Mr. Brain-dead did us all a favour by going home with his tail between his legs. But yes, I have sympathy for his bandmates, who actually did have the grace to talk music with Jian (and yes, we should all be grateful the Moxy Fruvous hair is gone!)

    Bye, Mr. B-Bob. Don't let the door hit your butt on the way out.

  6. Hey, Knat! Apparently Billy-Bob now thinks that you are a humpbacked geek.

  7. Better ah ump-backed geek than a washed-up old git!


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