Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Chicken Palace is coming along!

Work on the Chicken Palace continues. While Gordon was out there the other evening, Tristan discovered one of his favourite treats:

"OOOOH! Treasure!"

"MMmmmmmmm! Paper towel!"

"Nnahr nnahr munch munch nyum nyum!"
(Note how he is holding the paper towel under his paws and tearing off tasty morsels.)

"So delicious, but gets stuck in the teeth!"

"But really, I'm an angel. Make sure you get my best side!"

Meanwhile, back in the barn, a dust mask that will not protect against the stench of severed-head-soaking-in-jar-for-a-week swings from the newly-erected coop door:

Yep, that Cornwall Police Department door is now installed, the new gateway to the Chicken Palace:

And here is Super-Gordon, having just installed a lovely old window out of which the future feathered girls will gaze. He is putting another huge window in the space he's standing in, as we have an old one in the barn that we can use:

A boy and his power tool = happiness.

Here's another old window installed in the side of the downstairs barn. We'll replace that pane sometime:

The old stone foundation:

And away from the Chicken Palace, the lovely Naomi sunbathes on the front porch kitty-shelf. She's about ten months old now, and while still tiny, is definitely turning from kitten to cat.

And last, the only flowers currently blooming in my garden, and I'm darned if I can remember what they are called. Anyone?

H A P P Y S P R I N G !

PS: GUINNESS: Nectar of the gods!

PPS: Hi Happy Wombat Boy!


  1. I had a dog that ate paper towel - but they swallowed it whole and it would get stuck in its butt and then.... well nevermind - I'm sure you don't want to hear the rest of the story - LOL!! I love that stonework on the barn!

  2. Happy Earth Day! Gordon looks quite in his element out in the chicken coop. I planted Scarlet Runner beans today as part of a 'Green Thumb' contest at work.

  3. I have no idea what the flowers are called, but they look like wild Crocuses to me.

    So Super-Gordon is working, and you are documenting it? :o)
    We have a paper towel eating monster at home as well, but he turns it into art! Your boy is beautiful. And Naomi looks like a Queen, and she knows it.

  4. Thanks for the update. Emma said to tell Tristan that if he likes paper towels, wait until he tries the flavored Kleenex. Yum!

  5. Is the early blue flower not one of the umpteen variety of scilla?

    And thank you for including a comment about Mr. Head-in-a-jar. My days are not complete without knowing that something is rotting in the state of [s]Denmark[/s] the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry.

    EDIT - stupid Blogger: doesn't accept the strikethrough tag...

  6. I want "head in the jar" photos. I shall then feel not so alone on this planet. Then I will feel secure enough to show you what Nick is growing in our fridge...

    Love the stone foundation!

    Love from the TB.

  7. Oh yeah!!1 Chicken pictures are coming.

    I'm a former chicken lady, ya know. How wonderful.

    Not sure about the flowers. Love the kid pics.

  8. Anonymous9:45 am

    ok this is unrelated but i thought of you when i read this ... well and it's kinda Earth Day-ish

    maybe you've seen it ... hope the link works.

  9. Wait a second. Your TB, who speaks fluent Canadian, and understands heads in jars is NOT on your blogroll.


    How the hell are you today? :-)

  10. It was on the to-do list! It's there now.

  11. Dr. Sloth, I love the happy-face spider article!!!!

    Monika, the pets thank you for the compliments, which they are not shy about accepting. And yes, super-Gordon builds while I watch!

    J, Sophie loves flavoured Kleenex. YUCK!!!

    HWB, I'm pouring off the jar tomorrow. I'm not religious but please pray for me.

    Jenn, Gordon used to grow things in his fridge before I married him. Baked beans are so NOT supposed to be blue and green.

    Robin, maybe you can live vicariously through our chickens? I know you must miss your gals!

  12. Pouring off the water tomorrow?

    According to NB, make sure there is a strong wind and that you are standing upwind.

    So, if the weather forecast is windier for Sunday or Monday, it's OK to let things, um, brew for a day or two longer.

    And the word verification word is "grelsyme". Did they mean "grey slime"?

  13. That is such a cool barn... and Gordon does look mighty proud with that power tool :).

  14. HWB, I have a full respirator mask. I will avoid wind and pray I don't puke.

  15. Aren't those blue flowers scilla? Mine have just bloomed too!

  16. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Mr. C is MIGHTY SEXY with those power tools ... and especially since he knows how to use them. ;)

    love the "nharh nharh" hahahahha tooooo funny.

    dont wanna know nuttin bout dat haid.

    the chickie palace is looking great. what a bunch of fun projects you have around there. :)

    and the flowers are beautiful ... Spring has Sprung!

  17. This is so exciting!!
    Looks good.


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