Friday, April 24, 2009

Kitty cards

Art trading card day tomorrow. I originally did this design for a rug (which I hooked and sold). I had planned other, more elaborate cards for tomorrow's meet, but I realized that my time was running out and I would have to switch to a simpler plan for this week. So I reworked "Kitten in Knittin'":



  1. Lovely cards! Now do them with dogs! :o)

  2. I want one!! (Please trade with me!!) See ya later this aft...

  3. Who bought your rug? I am always curious as to how people sell rugs, because I have a side project involving rugs that I am always interested in.

    I just mean, did you sell it a craft fair, or to a friend, in a store, etc?

    Just curious!

    Love the ATCs.

  4. Laura-Jane, I sold it through Etsy! I really like If you scroll down the right side of my blog to "My Creations at Etsy", and click on the rug, it'll take you to my Etsy shop, but you can also go to zillions of other shops there. There's some really cool stuff on Etsy.

    You can also sell through stores but I find a lot of them have high commissions. Craft councils can be helpful. I used to belong to the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council, and Ontario has one too. Not sure about PEI but you could always use the NS one from there.

  5. These are great!!! My mom would love this - she has a tuxedo cat~!


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