Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Usurper

(Good grief, this is my 501st post!)

Poor Sophie came into my office yesterday to find a repugnant little feline hogging her dog bed. She decided to risk lying down next to her.

"The shame, the horror... pushed to the edges of my own bed by a six-pound CAT!"

"Mummy, can you rid me of this plague?"

"Maybe if I don't look, it will just GO AWAY!"

"Or perhaps I should just act nonchalant and lick my leg. Tristan! What the hell are you lookin' at??!"

But in the end...

"Neener, neener! I WIN! I WIN! It's all mine, mine MINE!"


  1. This also happens at my house. Cats always win....

  2. Naomi looked very confident that that was going to remain HER bed! LOL! Cute!

  3. So cute... and congrats on 501 posts... whoottttt!!!!


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