Friday, May 29, 2009

Paper Bug Art Cards

Inspired by the insane invasion of Junebugs we have this year, I have put together these Paper Bugs:

Tomorrow is Art Card Trading day, and I had fun making these! I cut out pieces of fancy paper with hand, and I also used a paper punch for the spirals. Then I threw in a bit of rubber stamping and some freehand pencil crayon, a soupçon of string, and voilà: Paper Bug art trading cards.

You know the June bugs are bad when your dog goes out at night and eats so many of them that he throws up a pile of corpses. And the cats are having a field day hunting the ones that get into the front porch. Less puking on the feline front, fortunately. And for reasons I don't understand, I find several dead June bugs on my office floor every single morning. Normally they don't creep me out, but when 50 of them are hanging around your front door at night, and then start getting into your hair, well, EEEEYUW! And when you accidentally squash one in the door frame, well, let's just say that June bugs are VERY juicy, with quite the gut-spatter pattern. EEEEEYUW! You know, suddenly the sushi Gordon is bringing home for supper seems somehow less appetizing. (June bug sushi, now there's an interesting Japanese-inspired protein fix!)

If you're interested in learning more about Art Trading Cards, or just getting inspiration, check out the ATC Quarterly, put together by this cool artist, who is one of the founders of the ATC group I am involved in. (Btw, Ronna, I plan on subscribing to ATC myself, if I can get my brain together enough to remember to give you a cheque tomorrow.)

June bugs on 'roids, that's what we have this year...


  1. I just walked in the door from a bonfire w/ friends and I had to pluck 2 june bugs out of my hair! Now I'm reading your post and laughing that you wrote about june bugs! Yuck! Those paper bug cards you made are so beautiful - love em!

  2. Okay besides wanting one of those cards in a big way, I know what you mean about june bugs and had no idea they were so prevalent this year. But when I opened my trunk yesterday, 5 of them fell out to the ground and there were more inside the trunk. Very wierd!

  3. Those cards are so pretty!

  4. Ha! After out trade yesterday I find I've chosen the very one you featured above. I'm glad you're coming to Traders and will start a new page for you; I arrange my cards by artist, alphabetically.

  5. Seriously cute cards! The way you have them displayed looks like the inspiration for a quilt! ;)

  6. I love the artwork!! Great job.

    I had to share with you that I just pulled a biting carpenter ant out of Captain's lip/gums. It wasn't going to let go, I guess.

    Last week, it was one of those anole lizards attached to his lip.

    Our dogs give us so much pleasure, don't they?

  7. Oh, Great news on the honey bees. We just had a friend add a hive to their large farm and so far, they're getting more squash & other viney fruits than they've ever had before. It really helps w/ the pollination.

  8. Robin, it will be interesting to see what the bees do for my veggie garden this year. I'll keep on an eye on that.

    And poor Captain, ow ow ow!!

    Glad you like the cards, since you're a talented artist yourself. :)

    Frannie, I'm glad you liked your card too. I think your watercolours are spectacular.


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