Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Snoozin' pets

Sophie inherited this pig-toy from our late English Setter Tara, who kept it intact for several years. I gave it to Tristan and Sophie and it was promptly disembowelled. Once the squeaker is out of a toy, the dogs lose interest in destroying it and are happy to carry around the battered remains. Or sleep with them:

Naomi is a very relaxed wee cat. Yesterday she fell asleep like this while I was at my computer. Since my camera was within reach, I managed to snap a photo:

I wish I could sleep like that! Heck, I wish I could RELAX like that!


  1. I'm always happy about snoozing pets.

  2. They're making me yawn!
    Our Shadow puppy falls asleep instantly. Out cold and snoring. I wish I could fall asleep that fast.

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  4. I wish I could sleep like Naomi also. I had weird dreams last night.

    Duncan disembowels everything, from stuffed toys to socks.

    Send SUN or lobster, which ever you come across first.


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