Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I suppose sunrise and sunset photos can get a bit hackneyed, but I like them anyway! Right now I am illustrating a sunrise scene, so when I saw the sky this morning, I went outside in my pajamas to take a few reference photos. It started snowing Monday, with more yesterday, more coming today, and more coming Friday. But since it's late November now and not OCTOBER, I am fine with that. (Although I will be MORE fine with that after we get the snowtires on our cars on Friday!)

Sun rising over the granary.

Tristan trotting off into the sunrise.

Ta daaaaa!

Oh yes. It's white. It's snow.

Tristan is looking back at me because he wants me to get my butt inside and feed him breakfast. Never mind that I hadn't even had my cuppa tea yet...


  1. Anonymous1:48 pm

    OOOoooooo!!! Look at the SNOW!!!! Dog that's GREAT. How Beautiful.

    Love the sunrise on the granery...and the house pic has a little pink on the second floor windows. How nice!

  2. I love where you live.
    I love your sunrise shots.
    And I agree with Tristan, get your butt inside and give him his fud!


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