Saturday, November 01, 2008

Sunglasses, pair four

Yeah, I know. I need to spend real money on a good pair of sunglasses. Today as I took my relatively new but fairly crappy plastic ones out of my pocket and gently put them on my face, they split in the exact middle (over the bridge of my nose) and one lens and stem fell off each side of my head. Plastic fatigue, I guess. My nose must have been putting devastating amounts of pressure on that 1/4" of fake tortoiseshell. Ahhh, quality "Made in China" workmanship!

I had to buy another cheap pair to last until I can get to a place that sells decent ones, but I get the message. :) Time to spend money on decent sunglasses. Meanwhile, pair four of 2008 is off to the landfill.


  1. I once spent $200 on a pair of Revo sunglasses.

    Ralphie, bless him, chewed them up like they were a dog toy! They were, to him!

    I vowed never to spend more then $20 on another pair of sunglasses.

    Well, last spring, I bought a pair for $60. I worship these glasses. They go right back into the soft protection pouch when I'm done with them. They don't come into the house, for fear, Duncan will channel Ralphie, and chew them like a doggy chew toy.

    Just be careful how much you spend, the more you spend, the more they become chew toys!

  2. You lead such and interesting life, Nattie :-)

    Knock wood, my little clip-ons have survived a year of falling off my shirt after I've tucked them into my collar and then bent over.


  3. AH! You find that when you spend some money on a good pair of glasses that you keep up with them and keep them safe. I've had my Serengeti's for more than 10 years... I guess it's time for a new pair. ;-)

    ~ Wolf Lover Girl


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