Monday, November 10, 2008

Garish pizza

Okay, it seemed like a good idea at the time, and it did TASTE good, but...

...there is something wholly unnatural about a pizza with purple and orange on it! I grew three types of taters this year: Yukon Gold, Red Chief (or something like that), and blue (which look purple to me.) I like potato on pizza, and the other night I thought I'd try for a variety. It was all looking fine until I added the chopped orange pepper. And it's just good luck that you can't see the green pesto underneath it all. I think that would have pushed me over the edge.

The amazing candy-coloured pizza. Blurgh!

But I baked it and voilà:

It was quite yummy in the end. We ate it in dim light and you couldn't really see the purple and orange clashing. Plus we drank Kilkenny Cream Ale with it, so we were in even less of a state to notice the lurid shades! ;) I'm pretty fond of this beer, but love Guinness more. Still, my paternal grandmother as born in Kilkenny, so I think it's in my blood.

And not at all related to pizza: a boy and his kitten.



  1. Pnat,
    Are you vegetarian? I've been meaning to ask you that.

    I've never had potatoes on my pizza and I've done some strange things with being vegan (plus fish).

  2. Forgot to say that I love my homemade pesto on my pizza too. Oh and the kitty is sooo cute & growing up. Hi Gordon!

  3. No, I'm not vegetarian. I don't eat beef anymore (I've gone off it for various reason). Mostly I eat chicken and seafood, but bacon crossed my lips yesterday! We usually eat a few meatless meals each week. I've been trying to come up with more meals involving beans/chickpeas etc. instead of meat. I wish I had a fresh source of fish like you do, Robin.

    I would like to wean myself off pork!

    And potatoes and cheese go together on anything! :) Actually, I got the potato on pizza idea from my Jamie Oliver Italian cookbook (I forget the exact title.) I'll take any excuse to eat potatoes. It's my Irish blood.

  4. I've never seen blue (or purple!) potatoes! But I know the combo of potato and cheeseon a pizza is good! There's a pizza place we go to that has fettucine alfredo pizza - good but too fattening!
    And your kitty looks so content in your hubby's arms ....awwww!!!

  5. The purple potatoes are very tasty, but I refuse to use them for mashed potatoes or anything like that -- too freakish! I like making oven fries with them, or roasting them, or just panfrying them for breakfast!

    That kitten is livin' the good life, let me tell you!

    And fettucine Alfredo pizza sounds yum and totally decadent.

  6. The purple/blue did look bizzare. I'll take your word for it that it was good :)

  7. Anonymous4:14 pm

    It looks like it has cheese puffs on it! hahahha.

    I agree it's not very visually appetizing. :) but the low lights and certainly the cream ales helped!

    and G is adorable with his wee little kitty :) hahahha. Lord almighty did she fall into clover! :D

  8. Looked much better after it was cooked.

    Doesn't daddy look cute with his little baby? :-)

    ~ Wolf Lover Girl

  9. It DID look much better after it was cooked, and I've never had potatoes on my pizza but I can see how that would taste good. Naomi is so beautiful! And how sweet and laid back she is in Gordon's arms.

  10. Pizza with cheese puffs, now there's an idea! Hmmm. Or maybe not.

  11. Anonymous10:56 pm

    so...were those adorable pictures of Gordon and Naomi taken before, or after she stole his chicken??

    and I think that Pizza looked wonderful both before and after cooking. I love your Friday pizza tradition...and that you make it from scratch!


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