Saturday, November 22, 2008

My desk is infected with felines!

And my office is infected with pets. It's a tough life.

What Julius really wants is to get into the cat bed the kitten has taken over. She rules the house. I believe I've mentioned that. And I still haven't redecorated my office, so I still have the library book wallpaper border that drives me bonkers (short trip, I know.)

Spot the kitten!

And for a change, everyone is on the right bed. But this photo makes Sophie's butt look big, and it's not.

Can you spot the kitten in this shot? (The drawing is my second-lsat illustration for the kids' book I have been working on for an eternity. My friend Roger has graciously given me many of his own photos of the Sonoran desert to use as reference, hence the cacti on the computer screen.) Bonus points if you can guess what's in the old Dijon mustard crock to the right of drawing!

And as you can see...

Naomi is tense. Very tense. She really needs to learn to relax.


  1. The kitties love your desk because you are there and want your attention! (I think this because Marvin likes to spread his big belly across my desk too!) And Naomi is as cute as always!

  2. Anonymous8:02 pm

    Sand ... sand is in the mustard crock (which is really cool looking).

    Naomi is a cheeky monkey.

    Tell Sophie that her butt is lovely. :)

    and the wallpaper HAS TO GO.

    AND CONGRATS for almost finishing the drawings! I'll bet they are just beautiful.

  3. The contents of the mustard crock? Coloured pencil shavings! (From the sharpeners!)

    My Mum used to call me a cheeky monkey. You've obviously been hanging around Britain too much, Miss Mexy.

    Once I have finished these damn illustrations, I think I'll start stripping more wallpaper!!!

    And GO MARVIN! :)


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