Monday, November 17, 2008


Julius (who is NOT overweight, believe it or not. He just went to the vet, and yes, it's all fur! Alex is another story) is tolerating Naomi very nicely. I emphasize "tolerate"; this is not the love affair that exists between Captain Tripod and his young tortoiseshell lass!

Here, Yoda-cat explains the ways of the birdfeeder to Naomi:

"Cat you are. Tasty, the birds in the feeder are. Yessssss. Terrible and nasty, the cat-parents are. Yesssssss. They will let you out to murder and maim not. Feed you kibble and canned food, will they. Herh herh herh. It tastes not like bird or mouse. Yeesssssss."

"If lucky you are, find a mouse in the basement you will. Yesss! If lucky you are, come spring forget to put the screen back in the window, they will. Hmmmmm. Fly in, birds will. Herh herh herh. Catch them and snap their necks, you can. Tasty little suckers, they are. Yessss!"

After the lesson, all three cats indulged in a play session involving a grocery bag. Sorry about the laundry rack; it should have been in the closet! And time to throw in a little Lord of the Rings:

"Small cat in the bag, there is. Die it must. Annoying, it is. Herh herh herh. Yessss." says Yoda-cat.

"Stupid fat yoda-cat! We loves the small cat! We wants it! The Precioussss!" says Gollum-cat."Filthy Yoda-catses! They try to take the Precious away from Gollum cat and tries to hurts her! Yoda-cat is likes the bad, BAD Sméagol!

"We wants our Preciousss! Yoda-catses treats me nasty and mean, yessss! Precioussss! Preciousssss! Sméagol... NO... We! WE WANTS OUR PRECIOUSSSSSSS! We kills tricksy Yoda-cat withs our laser-beam eyes! We rescues the Preciousssss!" cries Gollum-cat.

"Shut up, you must. Freak, you are. Yes, hmmmm. Smack some sense into Precious, will I. Herh herh herh!" replies the ever-serene Yoda-cat, as he raises his Yoda-paw to strike.

Some days I seriously worry about myself.


I cheated on this. Thanks to the Yoda-speak Generator!
Gollum actor: I got my voice from a cat!


  1. Knatolee - I talk for my cat all the time! I completely understand! Your kitties are all cute!

  2. Anonymous1:56 pm

    I do worry about you too dear /gently patting your hand/. hahahhaha

    that was VERY cute! :D LOVE the laser eyes HAHAHAHHAHAHA

    The first pic is especially adorable.

    Is that French on the groc bag? kewl! :)

    (my word verification for today is "panti" hahahha)

  3. Yes, "Vive la bouffe" is on the grocery bag from IGA! It's left over from our days in Quebec. No IGA around here.

    And man, I thought I'd get more comments on this post. All that Yoda/Gollum research for nuttin'!

  4. You'll be ok. Everything's fine. Everything. Now, back away from the keyboard. Keep your hands where we can see them. That's it... see? Everything's fine.

  5. Anonymous6:15 pm

    we just can't fully appreciate your cleverness. ;D

    (and actually I thought that movie character with the "precious" stuff was pretty damn creepy.)

    ...and just wait, the entry is still new. :)

    and the grocery bag's cool !!

  6. Some days we seriously worry about you, too. Hmmmmmm.

  7. THat's better. I like to know that I'm worrying people! ;)

  8. LOL - you've got a Yoda-cat, and I've got a Yoda-dog. Do you think we are in trouble? :o)

  9. Monika, we must ensure that Yoda-cat and Yoda-dog never meet! :)


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