Thursday, November 06, 2008

Cuteness du jour

I've been so busy lately, working on book illustrations and supervising the repair of our family room foundation, that I've not had time to do much more blog-wise than slap up a few cute pet pictures here and there. More of the same today, I'm afraid, because I have choir practice tonight (it's a small community choir and I think there are only three of us that don't have grey hair, but I love it. And I'm using my music degree for the first time in far too long!)

Naomi is growing like a weed. She is about 11 or 12 weeks old now. This week, she was integrated fully into the household at last, and the dogs are being great with her. I don't leave them alone together unsupervised for any length of time, but things are going fine. Naomi seems to have zero fear, which is not always good, especially when she decides it's fun to chomp on the tail of a certain sleeping male dog, who wakes up thinking he's under attack by aliens. So we have to make sure she doesn't harrass the canines, more so than the other way around.

"Hello. My name is TROUBLE."

And what has Naomi discovered? DOG BEDS. And do you think the dogs will dare shove her off?

Er, no...
"Yo, big hairy dumb dog. Neener neener neener, ya loser!"

"Mummy, can you please get her off my BED?!"

"Okay, it's bad enough she's on my bed, but now she's playing with my stuffed tiger. HELP. ME."

"This works for me. I'm on MY bed, the cat is on Sophie's bed. Excellent!" (Look at Sophie to the left, peering over sadly at her cat-ridden bed.)

"Cats rule, dogs drool! Obviously."

And this is just a cute shot of Sophie sleeping with her precious beaver toy. Do you know what she did to celebrate the US election? She went outside as Obama was giving his acceptance speech and GOT SKUNKED. I was up at midnight or thereabouts giving her a hydrogen peroxide/baking soda bath (works incredibly well: 1 quart hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda, squirt of dish soap, mix in bucket, rub into dog --avoid the eyes--, let stand 10 minutes on fur, rinse well.) Gordon was outside with Sophie when she got nailed, so close that he heard the "pssssht." He's lucky I wasn't given HIM a hydrogen peroxide bath. On the other hand, he might have liked that...


  1. Anonymous6:05 pm

    Cute indeed. :)

    You're making me want to have pets!

  2. Hydrogen peroxide? You mean Sophie isn't a natural blonde?

  3. The dogs look pathetic as they are being booted off their beds by that little c*t. Duncan hangs his head in shame for them!

  4. Hmmm, good point. Sophie is looking a bit blonder than usual!!

    And yes, the dogs are pathetic, ruled by a three-pound kitten.

    And don't forget the bad parts about pets. Like I didn't take a photo of my office carpet that SOMEBODY pooped on while I was out the other day. They apparently ATE the evidence, but I could still tell what has transpired.

  5. Your kitty is defnitely in charge!!

  6. Anonymous1:03 pm

    hee hee... love the pics of Naomi taking over. One of my little girls took over our dog bed too, until she peed on it (I don't know, don't ask).

    Ew, close enough to hear the spraying, yeah that's too close.

    ~ Wolf Lover Girl

  7. Anonymous4:54 am

    ADORABLE!! I love T's pathetic...hahhah....they are so sweet and tolerant. they know she's YOUR kitty!

  8. You have a new fan, by the way. Robert read this post and was killing himself laughing. So there you go, your writing appeals to all ages!

  9. Yay,a new fan! We love new fans! (That's the royal "we"!)


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