Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cross-Canada tour

While I try to think of something more fascinating to write about than the antics of my cats, here are some photos from our cross-Canada drive (well, almost) in 2006. (In 2003 we did drove across Canada entirely, from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. In 2006 we only made it back as far as Quebec.) It's possible I have posted some of these before but I am too lazy to check.

The Trans-Canada Highway, through the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia.

A view from the highway in BC.

Alberta, but don't ask me which part!

Funky sign for the Ranchmen Motel, which I think was in Medicine Hat, Alberta. I hear it's a decent place to stay!

Round bales in the late afternoon in beautiful Saskatchewan (I am a huge fan of Saskatchewan.)

And a storm in the distance.

But with the storm, a rainbow!

Grain elevators and silos. Grain elevators are a dying breed in the prairie provinces.

...the gorgeous, gorgeous nothern shores of Lake Superior. I absolutely adore this part of Northern Ontario.

The oft-photographed giant Canada goose at Wawa, Ontario.

That's the end of the photos from the actual drive, but here are a few more provinces...

The iconic Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City.

Kejimikujik Seaside Adjunct in Nova Scotia. One of my absolute favourite spots in the province. Who knew the north Atlantic could look like the Caribbean?

And here's wee place on Conception Bay, in Newfoundland. Hubby went there but can't recall the name of the village.

Okay, so I left out pics of Manitoba, New Brunswick, PEI, and the north. But you get the idea.

And apropos to nothing, our last winter in Nova Scotia was very snowy. Here is my friend's Australian Cattle Dog making her way down the path cut into our driveway:

And the mound of snow next to the Mazda was our old station wagon:

I have snow on my mind because there's a winter storm watch on right now.

Happy weekend!


  1. Anonymous5:14 pm

    Ooooooooo stunningly beautiful pictures. :) ... I love the second one.....and the ones of Lake Superior. LS is in my book one of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth. It is the epitome of wilderness.

    I really enjoyed this entry :) ... well I enjoy them all, but this was a nice surprise.

  2. I need to go spend some real time in Northern Ontario. I only ever seem to see it when I am zipping through en route to somewhere else!!

    Looove Lake Superior! I'd like to see the US side as well.

  3. Beautiful series of photos! Loved that rainbow!

  4. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Loved your photos! Brought back lots of good memories for me re: our drive across a number of these same spots!!!

    Thanks for bringing back those memories... :)

  5. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Aww, Medicine Hat! And that giant cowboy!

  6. Laura-Jane, it was you talking on CBC radio about your road trip that led me to your site! Driving across the contry is a great thing to do.

    Thanks for all the compliments, loyal readers. :)


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