Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gotcha Day

November 21st was Sophie and Tristan's GOTCHA DAY, i.e., the anniversary of the day we got them. They have now been with us for a whole year! It's hard to believe, as it seems like just yesterday that they arrived. Although there was a nasty windchill yesterday, I took them for their usual walk.

Sophie looks off into the distance at Tristan.

Tristan obediently sits for a photo.

Can you spot him running towards me?

The dogs kept whipping up the snow buntings. I love seeing these birds swooping over the fields. They fly in tight formation and it's very neat to watch. I hope to get better photos of them sometime soon. (Yesterday it was so cold I thought I was going to give my un-mittened hand frostbite, so I cut the photo session short.)

The dogs heading home. Maybe they were as cold as I was!

Late fall in the farm. We're supposed to get some snow on Monday.

Of course, the best part of yesterday was searching for the HOLY GRAIL:

"Where is it? I can smell it! Where is it?!"

Not to worry. They found and inhaled much WILD TURKEY POOP:

Drives me crazy! They act like it's hot buttered popcorn and I have to drag them away from it, but it's everywhere. We ran across over 50 wild turkeys in the field on our walk just the other day.

I'll be mentioning their exotic dietary habit to the vet next month when they dogs get their annual exams.


  1. A very, very happy Gotcha Day!!!

    Wild turkey poop, huh. Such gourmet dogs you have. :-)

  2. Anonymous7:55 pm

    WOW link to a year ago ...just like that ...BING. Who says time is linear. haha. .... but look at the SNOW last year.

    OK do they still speak French or are they now bilingual?

    They have such a great life.

    It looks FREEZING COLD there, but what, as usual, beautiful pictures. ....even the turkey poop..hahaha.

    Happy Day to those big, beautiful, darling, adorable, sweet, wonderful babies.

  3. Yeah, no domesticated turkey poop for OUR dogs. Only the best for these two!

    We are supposed to get snow Mon, Tues, Weds and Thurs of this coming week. I kid you not. And the snow tires aren't on the cars!!

    Thanks for the good wishes. :)


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