Thursday, August 04, 2011

Simple pleasures in life...

A butterfly on thistles!

Living in the country.

A private dirt bath, away from all the other hens who are being mean to her. Charlotte spend some quality time with me in the veg garden the other night!

Beautiful sunflowers.

And NOT a pleasure? Biting into your baguette only to discover that the unsalted butter you put on it tastes like blue cheese! Which says to me that there is a science experiment going on with the pound of butter we JUST BOUGHT!

Good thing there are so many simple pleasures that outweigh petri-dish butter... :)

PS: I mailed out all the Hen Haiku prize-a-roos today. How long they will take to get to you all is anybody's guess: Canada Post is on the job And apologies to grand prize winner Jams, whose package I sent surface mail to England. Canada Post wanted my firstborn child (or firstborn duckling) as payment for air mail. Surface mail was hardly a bargain, but it's worth it to reward Jams for his many excellent haikus (who else would use the word "priapic" in a poem?)  We'll see how many years Jams' goft takes to get to the UK. Watch your mailboxes!


  1. Love that Charlotte hen! Be careful w/ that butter. But perhaps you can make penicillin with it???

  2. I am TOSSING that butter, not to worry! :)

  3. Please bring her in and let her live in your house. I think you aught to....really!

  4. I second Deb's suggestion. Maybe Charlotte needs a spa treatment like Chickie?

  5. Watermelon cakes, fantastical spiders, thistles where they belong, and sunflowers. Yours is a perfect summer. I'll have to remember that dirt-bath thing when I'm having a pout. Looks highly satisfactory.

  6. Anonymous9:14 pm

    Does Charlotte try to peck you just to feel there's one big bird lower in the pecking order than her?

  7. Deb and Ahab, it's very tempting. If it makes you feel better, I've started giving her extra attention every evening, taking her out on her own and giving her a little freedom and a cuddle! And now she's suddenly started moulting and looks even more pathetic.

    Barbara, the summer would be more perfect if I had less work to do and more time to spend with my chickens and spiders and watermelon cakes! ;) I love watching the chickens dirt-bathe; they just seem so happy doing that.

  8. Andrew, Charlotte thinks I am the boss rooster, so there is no pecking! :) A little grooming of my hair, but that's about it. Actually, she did peck my front tooth once when I was holding her too close to my face. They like shiny things!

  9. Anonymous12:55 pm

    She thinks you are the "Boss ROOSTER"? Well then she's one brave little chick letting you get so close to her (or perhaps you just disappoint her every day). Call yourself a Rooster? You have much to learn.

  10. I assure you, I disappoint her every day!! :)


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