Friday, August 05, 2011

Mr. Monochromatic

Gordon is a really good cook and I love that he likes to make supper for us, but every so often he presents me with a monochromatic meal, which I always tease him about! Grilled pork chop, taters, and caulifower with butter and a little white cheese. 

Of course, this could also explain why I've gained weight since he started working at home and cooking supper more often! :)

There. That's more exciting!


  1. I dunno...PURPLE cauliflower?

  2. Monochrome meal? Just as well the chop wasn't black!

  3. Gordon could have a job anwhere as a Chef. Great home cooked food! Your suggestions are fun but, to Gordon's presentation, I would simply add a touch of herbal green. And now I'm hungry for Pork chops. But I can't bite and chew because of a sore front tooth. Do you have a photo with Gordon's Omelet?

  4. Now you've made it look like a bowl of froot-loops.
    We want more pictures of Gordon cooking. Go Gord!

  5. Looks like a delicious supper. My mom would have laughed! She was always into presentation and always told me to never serve mashed taters and cauliflower. But I agree with Claude. A sprig of parsley would've done the trick!

  6. Anonymous10:46 pm

    I love mashed potatoes, far too much. Those look delicious.

  7. Love it! Makes for some interesting (and colourful) dinner conversation no doubt!

  8. Ooh no! The second one looks like ice cream!

  9. Katnip, creative license! :)

    Jams, I'll say!

    Claude, he's come a long way since his days of frozen pot pies and frozen McCain French fries and frozen Sara Lee cake! I will see if I can get Gordon to make a virtual omelette for you!

    Deb, Gordon says you were dead-on about the Froot Loops! :) I will see what I can do about more Chef Gordon photos.

    Ronna, I'm with your Mom. And we have buckets of parsley so there's no excuse!

    CogDis, he mashes them with the skin on, and he also puts in some cloves of garlic when they're boiling. These taters are new and local so they have thin yummy skins. I just dug some of my own taters the other day!

    Vanilla Bean, we have some interesting conversations about food around here.

    LBM, I have to agree!

  10. oh... is that food colouring or photoshop?

  11. Angel, the joys of Photoshop!


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