Thursday, August 25, 2011

Honey Day

We finally took some honey off the beehives the other day, but it's not what I'd call a stellar year. My bees have been doing all sorts of weird things and even though I split two hives into four back in May, I am back down to two hives. Still, this first crop of honey is YUMMY!


  1. Hope those trousers are tucked into your socks!

  2. I'm with LBM. It was the ankles where they got me. I ended up in emergency that night and I think that was the start of the end of my beekeeping days.

    Ah, fresh honey, just one of natures special wonders.


  3. Ah here's to months of deliciousness Knatolee!

  4. LBM, I was wearing my full beesuit with elasticized cuffs around the ankles. :)

    Ow, Musical Gardener, ow!!! The girls were good to me when I pulled honey the other day.

    Jams, it hasn't been a great year for my bees but I will at least get some honey off them.


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