Monday, August 29, 2011

I survived Hurricane Irene!

Well, she was really just a tropical storm when she hit Maryland. Gordon and I are on our way back from a few days in Silver Spring, where we attended our friends' son's Bar Mitzvah. Irene hit Saturday while we were there. Many people cancelled on the Bar Mitzvah party, but we intrepid Canadians drove down and survived! Having lived through the eye of hurricane Juan (force 2) passing right over our house in Nova Scotia, I found this storm less scary, at least where we were staying. Not so much in other places it hit. :(

The power went out at our hotel sometime while we were asleep Saturday night, so yesterday we moved to a hotel in Baltimore that still had electricity. All very exciting!

Good thoughts to everyone who has experienced hardship and property damage because of the hurricane. I have a friend in Vermont whose house foundation has collapsed. Her basement is full of water and her fuel oil is leaking into it. She and her pets are fine and safe, but it's an awful situation. 

We had a fun time in Maryland but I'm looking forward to getting home to see my DUCKLINGS! Our very-capable friends have been looking after our place while we've been gone.
Meanwhile, we are enjoying pizza, beer and satellite TV in our Cortland, NY hotel room. More after we get home!


  1. Glad you're fine. I'd miss the ducks, too.

  2. Anonymous10:03 am

    I suppose the hurricane could have been much worse than it was but I still feel for all those people whose homes have been damaged. Glad you're safe and had a nice visit regardless, Natalie.

  3. Ah two hardy Canucks braving the forces of nature! Seriously I'm glad you got through it okay

  4. I had no idea that you were in Nova Scotia during Hurricane Juan. Very good to know that you managed well through Irene and my heart goes out to your friend in Vermont who is struggling now with the aftermath of Irene and all those who have been affected by the death and damage it has left in its wake. Safe travels back to your home and your chickens et al.

  5. "Meanwhile, we are enjoying pizza, beer and satellite TV in our Cortland, NY hotel room. More after we get home!"

    So, once you get home it will be more pizza, beer and satellite TV?


  6. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing that you found hurricane Irene less scary since you have lived through a more terrifying one in the past. Though less scary doesn’t make it any less dangerous. However, having survived those catastrophes, I trust you to already know the right thing to do when another one is on the way to your area. Anyway, it’s good to know you were safe during the surge of the storm. Stay safe always!

    Sharon Strock @ Storm Chamber®


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