Tuesday, August 23, 2011


A happier post today!

Guess who arrived this morning?!

Ducklings! I've counted ten so far. We'll see if more eggs hatch today. Are they not UTTERLY ADORABLE?

She is a fierce and protective mama. 

"You touch my babies, you die!" It's not going to be pretty when we have to move them all to the new duckhouse in a day or two!

The murderous look I know so well from the past five weeks!

Eugenia looking after the little ones. I will take my Nikon down and get better pictures soon.

Very hard to get any work done with all this extreme cuteness going on!

Meanwhile, poor Mama duck has to listen to the crazy lady and her baby talk...


  1. Anonymous2:00 pm

    I had a pet duck as a kid and it was a great pet. I wish I had the space to get a pet duck for my kids.

  2. They look healthy and adorable!

    I laughed out loud when you said, "I'm a grandmother!" at the 0:32 mark. That was precious.

  3. Utterly!!! Congratulations, Grandma! ;)

  4. GoodGreatsby, welcome! We just got the ducks this summer and they're great. I love their mellow personalities.

    Ahab, as an only child married to another only child, with no children and no nieces or nephews, grandducks are as good as it's gonna get! :) They do look healthy, not that Eugenia is letting me any where near them.

    Thank you Michele! Hahaha! GrandDuckMa.

  5. Aww Knat they are so cute. I would be cooing over them too!

  6. You probably got some gray hair, and a few wrinkles, already, worrying about the birth, Mémère Knat! The natural world is so extraordinary. I know nothing about ducks biology. For me, it's amazing that the babies, each in its own little shell, were all born at the same hour. They were all clocked in. And humans were not really needed. Although the food and shelter you provided certainly made things easier for Mama Duck. Best wishes to the family. They grow up so fast. Each moment is very precious.

  7. I hope you have a 'brag book' started. I want to hold them so badly and wonder when that momma duck will let YOU touch them.Cute overload.

  8. Deb, my friend Tammy (who has raised ducks) came over and convinced me to pick one up! Mama had a little freak out but she recovered. The duckling was SO CUTE!!!

  9. Jams and LBM, I am smitten!

    Claude, I was dreaming about them. I was waking up worrying about them! Crazy, eh?

    And Deb, I don't have a brag book but I should start one! :)

  10. The babies are adorable!

    Here's a silly question... what does Mama duck feed the babies? The only newborns I've had any experience with are cats... and obviously Mama duck doesn't have milk!

  11. Wow that is a successful hatch. Congrats Gramma.

  12. Anonymous10:09 pm

    That is one fiercely protective mama! Beautiful little babies too.

  13. What beautiful babies! Congrats to Mom and Grandma and the rest of the family. I would want so much to pick them up and feel how soft they are - they are almost irresistible.

  14. Awwww... the cuties!!

  15. Wandering Cat, not silly! She showed them how to eat grain, and they seemed to start hunting bugs instinctively almost right away. She also points out grass and other green things to eat. They are remarkably self-sufficient from the start!


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