Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Squidzilla - not for vegetarians

On Saturday, we bought a whole squid in Ottawa's Chinatown (not to mention a pound of the biggest scallops I have ever seen!) Last night I decided to cook it (Thai red curry, because I also bought lots of Thai ingredients in Chinatown.) But I had never cleaned a squid before, so I looked up the instructions on the internet. And because I am apparently seriously lacking a life, I felt compelled to photograph the whole process for my legions of fans!

Ah, here is the poor squid. I have seen squid while snorkelling in warmer climes, but none of them were as big as this one. Here he is resting in our sink, and I thanked him for giving his squiddy life for us:

Tentacles! Tentacles! Tentacles! including one very long one. And that is my mother's old knife. We seriously need to go shopping for a decent knife.

The ink sack had already exploded inside the squid, but the resulting black mess wasn't too bad, and voila, I soon had the squid prepped for the wok. But raw squid is a scary thing to have next to your face:

Tentacles... more tentacles. "Hmm... should I really eat these?"

Tentacles could also make rather attractive, silvery veil for the face, in a pinch. I suppose they would be rather smelly, though:

Amazing what human beings will put in their mouths, isn't it?


  1. Well, now, aren't you just a great help on my diet...

    As to the bottom line: No comment.

  2. You are so restrained, G! I am proud of you.

  3. Check this out:

    Squid, tea, hmmmm...have you been to Japan lately, Knat?

  4. Natalie!!! Please tell me that you did not eat that bait! Send here, squid is expensive at the bait stores.

    I'm so glad that my diet doesn't require squid.

    Btw, I love all the cat pictures and the post about the CRAP party. We need something like that in America.

  5. Robin,

    I eat bait! :D

    Funnily enough, in Nova Scotia both sets of our next-door neighbours were Newfoundlanders. They also view squid as bait and thought we were nuts for eating it!

  6. Homemade Caramel (drizzled nicely over squid) ha ha

    1c butter
    2 1/4 c brown sugar, dark
    1c light corn syrup
    1 14oz can Sweetened Condensed Milk

    Constantly stir up to 242-248 deg (soft ball candy), add 1 tsp vanilla.

    Drop balls into cold water to form a firm, pliable ball. Few minutes later, work with it, roll it, drop it into pieces on wax.

    Recipe comes from Jill the moderator at Sonlight curriculum forums.

    Btw Pnat, Jack & my son love fried calamari.

  7. The caramel sounds fantastic, but I will NOT drizzle it on squid, my dear!!


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