Monday, November 06, 2006

Snow, anyone?

What is that on the back porch???

Why yes... it's a SNOWPERSON!

By late afternoon, its head had fallen off and melted, but for a few glorious hours, the snowperson sat on the porch rail, proudly symbolizing the oncoming winter!

Yes, winter... I love it. (See, Wendy, the birdbath heater is still going strong!)

Really, this is for my BC friends. Yes, it snowed again yesterday.


  1. And the odd UFO that is hovering halfway up the picture, left third?? Hmmmm...?

  2. Um... do you mean the peanut feeder, which has a domed clear plastic lid over it?

    Or maybe it WAS an alien!

  3. I dunno - it's just about above the wheel barrow in the bottom picture ...

  4. The thing on the right is the peanut feeder. The thing on the left (bigger oval) is where our well is. The well pipe thing is sticking up in the centre of the oval, which is a flower garden my landlord made around it!

    THe peanut dome is covered in snow.

    Or maybe you are just seeing a UFO I am not seeing... :D


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