Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Deer bones and dirty cars

Gordon drives along a dirt road for part of his commute every day. Can you tell? We got the car washed after this photo was taken. By the way, the car is black.

I am always finding interesting things on my walks. Last week, I found these in the ditch:

Now, I can identify a beer bottle when I see it. But I am presuming these are deer bones.

I am wondering if the proximity of the beer bottle is mere coincidence, or proof that some lazy hunter got drunk and left bits of his kill in the ditch?

I know very little about hunting, other than the fact that there are some idiots around here who ignore "No hunting" signs and have been shooting off rifles close to houses. In fact, our landlord chased some idiots out of his cow pasture last week. These are not the responsible hunters; they are the LAZY, STUPID hunters who can't be bothered to hunt in a legal spot, and do the work of bringing their kill out of the bush. Instead they choose to endanger people's lives by shooting too close to homes and cars.

So... are these bones here because some lazy hunter left them there? Are they there because a deer was hit by a car and went down in the deep ditch to die? Or is it normal to field-dress your kill next to the road while drinking a beer?

The other question I have is how come I walked by this for three months and didn't notice it until last week?! It is a deep ditch, but still. The bones are stripped bare, so clearly there hadn't been a smelly corpse down there for quite some time.

So far on my daily walks I have found wild turkey feathers, grouse feathers, a dead frog, two dead snakes, stuff I've forgotten, and now a pile of bones. What next?


  1. Anonymous12:07 am

    Maybe the deer drank himself to death?

  2. What a BRILLIANT theory! See, Peg, you're thinking outside the box!

  3. What makes you think these aren't human bones? Maybe the deer took the gun .... ?

  4. Anonymous2:04 pm

    The deer said the hunter tasted like chicken!


  5. I could always send some of my forensics students over to investigate.


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