Monday, November 06, 2006

Caged kitty

Well! This weekend, we assembled the Kitty Palace. After we buy a place, we can buy more modules for it, expand it, and attach it to our house so that the kitties can go in and out through a window. But for now, we have the basic starter piece. At least Julius can go outside now without fear of being eaten by a fisher, or perhaps a rare carnivorous beaver!

Here is Gordon, working diligently to assemble the Kitty Palace. Mmmm....cedar shelves! Yes,that is snow. It snowed quite a lot yesterday morning but was melting by the afternoon. However, I was forced to break out the snow boots.

Here, Gordon shows me a very long screw:

Ah, and this is my husband where he should be, brought fully under control. (Note to self: buy lock for Kitty Palace):

Finally, we brought out Julius to see what he thought. Two paws up!

And there's lots of entertainment for him:

This Hairy woodpecker let me get within three feet of him to take photos and wasn't bothered at all. The Hairy and Downy woodpeckers are very tame, as are the chickadees who buzz my head when I am filling their feeders!


  1. Love the caged husband idea. DO they have a model for children as well?

  2. Um... I think they arrest you for caging children!! :D

  3. Anonymous10:56 pm

    OK, I'm losing it now. Wil there be a kitty/husband cage warmer too? You better hope you sell a lot of those books to pay for the heating bill!
    W :)


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