Sunday, November 26, 2006

Meese! And another cat bed.

Last night on our drive home, Gordon spotted two moose just a couple of minutes from our house, in a farmer's field. It was a Mama moose and her young one. They loped around the perimeter of the field and came over to have a look at us as we stood next to our car (there was a fence between us and them, and we were ready to jump in the car if necessary!) Beautiful! I even had my camera with me, and although these aren't great photos, I think you can make out the moose...mooses...meese:

We stopped by our landlord's place after that and he said that he had seen them in his horse/cow pasture yesterday morning, and that they were the first moose he had seen around here in 25 years! Weren't we lucky? Beautiful creatures!

Speaking of beautiful creatures, here we have someone else being used as a cat bed for a change:

It's an equal-opportunity household! (And that's our 8-inch telescope behind Gordon's head. One visitor thought it was some strange kind of woodstove!)

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