Saturday, November 25, 2006

I'm just a cat bed, part 2

Things are progressing... now all three of them think I am furniture:

Zoë is the stripey one, Mashka is the grey one, and Julius is the handsome orange man:

Here Zoë is trying to assert her authority over poor, 15-year-old Mashka, who has kidney failure and has lost her place at the top rung of catdom:

I shooed Zoë off to leave Mashka in peace to watch the birdies outside at the feeders.

And despite the fact that we bought the cats a FOUNTAIN specifically designed for them, with filtered, bottled water circulating through it, Julius and Zoë have decided that they prefer to drink out of the non-cat fountain in my office, which is filled with well water that is salty from softening and has been sitting for days. Figures. Here is Julius, caught in the act:

I will never understand cats. Never!


  1. Knat --

    You are not supposed to understand cats. Just so long as you realize that they are higher beings than you and you exist only to serve them. That is all you need to know...


  2. Too true. I am their humble slave!


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