Monday, November 13, 2006

The Investigator's Legal Handbook

My husband has written a most fabulous handbook for regulatory and criminal investigators! If you know anyone who wants an excellent Canadian handbook for people like police officers, fisheries officers, the list goes on... please send them to the Carswell site where they can order their very own copy.

Makes an excellent gift for all the legal investigators on your Christmas list!

Check out the table of contents. Don't you want your very own copy RIGHT NOW? This will whet your appetite:

Table of Contents

1 Demystifying the Law and Fostering Effective Working Relationships
2 Finding and Interpreting the Law
3 The Importance of NoteTaking
4 The Use and Protection of Informers
5 The Boundaries of Regulatory Inspections, Information Demands and Inquiries
6 General Principles for Ensuring Search and Seizure Results are Not Later Excluded at Trial
7 Choosing the Right Warrant for Your Case
8 Drafting and Executing a Bullet-Proof Warrant
9 Correctly Approaching Special Places for Search and Seizure
10 Defining Privacy Interests and Justifying Intrusive Electronic Surveillance
11 Making Sound Decisions About Detention,Arrest, and Release
12 Taking and Using Great Statements
13 Advancing International Investigations
14 Deciding to Charge, Drafting Charges,and Speaking to the Media
15 Preparing a Complete Prosecution Brief that Still Makes Sense
16 Including Everything in the Disclosure Package Except the Irrelevant and the Privileged
17 Working with the Prosecutor to Prepare for Trial: You are all on the Same Team
18 Testifying at Trial: Being and Sounding Truthful and Precise
19 Working with the Prosecutor At Trial: You are Still All on the Same Team
20 Looking After Post-Trial Procedures: Why a Case is Never Really Finished

Be prepared to answer the critical legal questions of every investigation!

-What law do I examine to verify compliance or gather evidence of offences?
-What law covers the possible charges?
-What law addresses the procedure once changes are laid?


This book was seven years in the making. It includes fabulous charts, diagrams and checklists by a certain excellent graphic designer who has been known to hug elephants.

Don't wait! Buy it today! Buy it NOW!

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  1. Hey, it sounds to fascinating to me! Major congrats to Gordon--I know how much work this was for him.


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