Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Some smart cookies out there!

Okay, you had some very creative guesses as to where we've been since February 16th, but only Jono and Kjelle Bus guessed correctly: we've been in Mexico City and Oaxaca!  We flew home to Ottawa yesterday, where we had to clean several inches of snow off our car in the airport parking lot! We were travelling with our friends from Nova Scotia and we had an excellent trip. Photos to follow in the coming days (apologies to my Facebook friends who have already endured them!)

The above pic was taken at the butterfly conservatory at the Mexico City zoo. This was our third trip to Mexico. In 1990, Gordon and I took our first trip together as a couple, to Playa del Carmen in Mexico (before it got swallowed up in the Mayan Riviera and was still a sleepy beach with palm-roofed cabanas!) Two years ago we visited Mexico City, Puebla and Veracruz. This time we especially wanted to see Oaxaca, with its many artisans and tasty food.

Our friends boarded our dogs and did daily in-home cat and critter care twice a day while we were gone. As a bonus, my friend Ronna came over a couple of times to give all the kitties some extra-special loving. Her beau Richard took photos and Ronna sent them to me while I was away, which made me very happy! Here are my cats getting spoiled rotten with love from Auntie Ronna... (Julius was camera-shy!)

Miss Emily, growing like a WEED!

As you can see, the cats LOVE Ronna!

Alex really enjoys being brushed.

Naomi loves upside-down cuddles.

Emily has a new nickname: Schtinkface! (Did I get that right, Ronna?) She likes to play hard-to-get.

Naomi loooooves her Auntie Ronna.

As does Alex!

By the way, the turquoise-covered skull in the last post is from the museum in the former monastery at  the Church of Santo Domingo de Guzman in Oaxaca. It was found in Tomb 7 at Monte Alban in Oaxaca.

Mexico has been getting a lot of bad tourist press lately, completely blown out of proportion in my opinion. I have never had a problem there (and we stay away from places like Ciudad Juarez!) The people are quite wonderful and we always have a great time visiting our neighbours to the south. I've been to Guatemala, for frig's sake. Mexico is a piece of cake. Great people!

More photos to come!


  1. Well, welcome home. Lots of snow, eh! I've been enjoying all your photos on fb. Thanks for friending me just in time. I haven't been to Mexico yet but it sure looks lovely. And the food, wow! Ronna looks like a wannabe cat-sitter. Next life, maybe. Thanks for dropping by tonight. Deb

  2. Emily really is growing fast! Your kitties seem a lot friendlier than mine. Lol!


  3. Glad to hear that you are home (the snow will be gone soon!) and that you enjoyed a lovely vacation. I'm sure all the animals are happy to see you both.

  4. I really need an Aunty Ronna!
    Jane x

  5. Mexico has a lot to offer in a wide variety of areas. it's not just beaches. Too bad I've never been there.

  6. Yes, Emily is a little Shtinkface, or Shtinky, meant in the nicest of ways. Luckily, Julius warmed up to me the second visit...the one where Richard was outside chipping ice and not taking photos.

  7. My favorite part of coming home is the attention from the kitties. A lot like dogs, but not usually as obnoxious.


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