Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I LOVE Etsy!

I recently helped my friend Ronna open an Etsy shop called CinnamonGirlStuff, which she has been busy stocking.

Check out my Etsy shop too, Cricklewood. I am working on more things to add to it.

I am a HUGE fan of Etsy. I do almost all my gift shopping there and, knock wood, have yet to have a bad experience.  It is full of beautiful hand-made items from around the world (nothing mass-produced!) as well as vintage items and craft supplies. Shopping on Etsy is my own personal rebellion against big-box stores and buying "Made in China" junk (hard to avoid these days!)

I really hate shopping, so I particularly enjoy being able to sit at home and do almost all my Christmas- and birthday-gift purchasing online. And yes, I buy things for myself there, and I've noticed I get a lot of compliments on anything I get from Etsy.

I also love selling stuff there. Overall, just a great experience. If you've never checked it out, drop by. I swear there is something for everyone there. It's great supporting the artists, artisans and craftspeople who sell their work through this online market.

Here are some of my favourite shops

And oh so many more!


  1. Thanks for the list...I get a bit overwhelmed with all the choices, ans never know where to look.
    Jane x

    1. WHen I have a few minutes to spare, I search a subject I like... like chickens. Then I "favourite" the stuff I like for possible future purchases. Which is how I ended up with these chicken earrings... :)

  2. Hi Natalie!
    I checked out Ronnas shop last week and her stuff is so fun!
    Thanks for putting my shop on your list! And for the purchases you have made! And for my little hooked tea cup rug! And for giving me a reason to use so many !!!'s

  3. Thanks Nat. And thanks for helping me set up my shop. It's fun!


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