Friday, December 02, 2011

Another pic from the show

Our friend Margaret took this pic of me and a customer. My chicken photo cards were hot sellers but I still need to unload that chickadee wall-hanging!

That's Gordon back in the kitchen, watching Richard work!

PS: One of the most popular search keyword phrases on this blog right now is "dead teddy bear drawing." Really? REALLY, people?!!

PPS: Don't forget to enter the DUCK LIMERICK CONTEST! Deadline is December 4th.


  1. Dead Teddy bear drawing is mild compared to some of the searches I've seen for the Poor Mouth!

    Of the mild ones, I'm proud that the Poor Mouth is the number two site for the history of string (beaten only by wikipedia for an article about string theory while mine is about string in history!)

  2. Your chickadee wall hanging is gorgeous!

  3. Hi...
    I entered my limericks on the other post but I don't see them, so here they are:

    A chicken was raised as a duck.
    She couldn't believe her good luck.
    While she couldn't swim
    and her quack was quite grim,
    when hatching chicks she was dumbstruck.

    A chicken and duck took a trip
    through parsnips, lettuce and cowslips.
    Their journey in sarongs
    was difficult and long.
    It led to the end of friendship.

    I'll go back and enter them again on the limerick post and see if they show up. Maybe I pressed the wrong key?

  4. It's funny how you always have photos of Gordon watching other people work!

  5. Callie, I think they were just slow! They showed up and they're great!!

  6. Jams, the "history of string" sounds like a very boring odyssey...

    Paula, thank you!


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