Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chickenly goodness

The definition of "awesome" is someone who has never met you in person, but has been your American email friend for about 15 years, and knows you so well that she sends you the following PERFECT gifts for Christmas...

A fabulous chicken calendar!

And a totally fabulous chicken change purse...


EXTREMELY awesome chocolate, all my favourites! (We don't have Symphony bars in Canada, so Denise sends me some every year!)


...a very cool cigar box from Nicaragua! (Because I like cigar boxes a zillion times more than any wretched cigar!)

 And the repulsive but still awesome...

...chicken feet dog treats! (How this got through customs is beyond me!)

It does make me wonder why I spend time in the coop massaging Bag Balm into the legs and feet of chickens with scaly leg mites. I could just perform some amputations and sew these onto the affected chickens instead!

And the pièce de résistance...

Crafting with Cat Hair! I love crafts, I love cats... it's the perfect combo! And the projects are really cute. I laughed my butt off when I opened this on Christmas morning!

Thank you for the GREAT gifts, Denise. You rock!


  1. Awesome. If you need more cat hair, I can totally send some your way.

    As an aside - my coworker and I were scoping out new places for lunch around work and we found a chinese buffet. We went in and started filling our plates but I almost lost my lunch when I got to the serving dish with chicken feet in it - they looked just like the ones in your bag - but deep fried and in sauce. Gross.

  2. Fabulous gifts, truly awesome! well, apart from the chicken feet, they made me cringe. I know what you mean about cigar boxes, lovely.

  3. Okay, you've gotta splain the crafting with cat hair. I've got lots of raw material, and if it's really worth while, I'll just shave the cats.

  4. Those truly are awesome gifts! I'm looking forward to some of your posts on cat hair crafting. Lots of photos, please. :)

    Loved your White Christmas photo. Wish we had some snow. Even rain would be nice.

    Happy New Year, Knatolee!

  5. If you ever need to empty a cigar box, well, I have a niece who can help you there...

  6. Can't wait to see what you make with cat hair. "Run Julius"

  7. Anonymous5:35 pm

    At last! Crafting with cat hair. I get enough from my Himalayan to create a whole 'nother cat. What great, thoughtful gifts.

  8. Okay just what do you do with chicken feet?? I'm not entirly certain I want to know but just felt I had to ask.

  9. Johanna, they're dog treats. Think along the lines of pigs' ears and rawhide and all that. But they'll be eating these treats OUTDOORS!!!

  10. Wandering Cat, thanks for the offer. If I run out of hair here, I'll let ya know. And yuck, feet on the buffet! :P

    Elaine, the feet made us cringe too, as well as laugh out loud. The dogs will be pleased!

    Musical Gardener, there is apparently MUCH you can make with cat hair, although she says NOT to shave your cats!

  11. Hi Callie and happy new year to you, too!

    Owl Wood, wow, cigar-smoking girls!

    Deb, Julius will make sure Alex and Naomi are the suckers on this one.

    TTPT, it hink you'd like this book!

  12. Crafting with cat hair! Now that is something we must get for this household, We do get a lot of fine ginger and white fur which could make a super wool I'm sure!

  13. I'd really like to make something out of Freddie's hair. It's so soft!!

  14. Is feeding your dogs chicken feet a good idea? I mean, do you really want them getting a taste for chicken?

    Or is it not a problem as they don't smell like the things walking around on your farm?



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