Saturday, December 10, 2011

Duck bathing

I took this a month ago and forgot to post it, probably because it's full of me talking high-pitched nonsense to ducks again. The ducks love their baths, but their water gets dirty four seconds after I give them fresh!

There's some snow on the ground now and it was -10C last night, so the temperatures are finally around what they should be at this time of the year!


  1. Yay! Ducks! I won't say no to poultry videos.

  2. Lovely! Ducks always make me smile.

  3. And what are the duck's opinions on snow - I await the interview!

  4. The duck video wouldn't play for me this morning! :( Such a disappointment!

  5. The ducks need a bigger pond! LOL

  6. Is that the same dog at the beginning and end? Beautiful dog.

  7. Anonymous4:00 pm

    Do you speak to your husband like that?

    I bet you do too.

    "Bye Cutey..." every morning...

  8. Ahab, me neither!

    Elaine, me too. I just love them.

    Musical Gardener, they all look mildly disgruntled when it snows, but they handle it better than the chickens do!

    Lynn, that's a tragedy! Can you try watching it on YouTube?

    Mo, we have dreams of digging them a REAL pond.

    Porfessor, that is Sophie at the beginning and end (mostly yellow Lab) with brief glimpse of Tristan (Lab/Vizsla cross, reddish brown) in the middle. They are both rescue dogs and very good with all the birds!

  9. Andrew, I'm never that sweet to Gordon. HAHAHAHA!

  10. Anonymous3:44 pm

    You're not that sweet to Gordon? Even when he makes artsy works of toast? : )

  11. CogDis, he's not too badly abused! ;)


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