Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Quest for Fire!

On Boxing Day, we went for a nice walk in our woodlot and engaged in a quest for fire. Let's just say that if we ever got lost in the woods in winter, we'd die in short order.

(PS: Like Gordon's Christmas mittens? I got them here, at For My Darling on Etsy!)


  1. Survivor,Canada! Toughness is too much fun.

  2. Okay, that first word, second sentence, was supposed to be Youtube. This Kindle Fire may be more advanced than your sticks, but it's a failure at mindreadingggggg!

  3. OMG! "Quest for Fire"!!!! Worst cave man movie E.V.A.R.!!!!!

  4. Nance, I think we'd totally flunk out of Survivor Canada!

    Katnip, don't you think our version is much, MUCH better?


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