Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Knittin'

I have a backlog of stuff to post about. Let's get the knitting out of the way! For Christmas, I knit this scarf for my friend Judy with this pattern and Twinkle Cat yarn from Wandering Cat Yarns on Etsy.

After I finished, I noticed two %$#@!!*! mistakes that it was too late too fix. I doubt Judy will care, but it bugged me. The boo-boos aren't in these photos!

I did block the scarf, but I am far from God's gift to blocking...

Judy was very pleased and I had fun knitting it! It was easy and fast, but still interesting to knit.

We have a winter storm warning on and are supposed to get up to 15 cm/ 6 inches of snow tonight, which is the biggest storm of the season so far, but hardly record-setting for around here. We'll see what everything looks like in the morning! The ducks will not be amused.


  1. The scarf looks great - I'm so glad you liked the yarn!

  2. I call those boo boo's 'personality'. Pretty scarf! I am not good at blocking either. Yours looks better than my blocking. I am working on a hat. My head is too big for the bought hats. I'd love to see a photo of the ducks in the morning ;-) Take care.

  3. Wandering Cat, I plan to buy more!

    Nancy, thank you, I like that: personality!

    The snowstorm was a wash. We got rain instead of snow, so the ducks will be pleased. :)


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