Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The city folks come to the country!

If you recall, last May we went to NYC and visited our friends Gary and Brian. This week, they stopped by the farm for a dose of COUNTRY:

Gordon, Gary and Brian hanging out by the wood shed.

Gordon and Brian have been friends since the start of law school in 1989, and I think Brian first sampled my cheesecake (that's not a euphemism; he actually likes my baking!) in 1990. Gary is a wonderful new addition to our circle of friends.

Here, Gordon and I are toughing out the cold while Brian sensibly wears a hat. Of course, now that he's a wimped-out New Yorker without a proper winter coat of his own, I guess he's lost his Canadian edge. But more likely, Gordon and I are just senseless fools who don't know when to come in out of the cold.

And no one's visit is complete without a photo on the Bush Hog zero-turn mower! Maybe one day we'll have a real tractor for guests to pose on.

Does this not just ooze testosterone?

Brian wisely reacts with fear as Gary wields the Christmas-tree killing battery-operated SAW OF DEATH!

Meanwhile, down at the chicken coop Gary and Brian check out the local wildlife, as the local wildlife checks out them. "Mmm, shiny eyeballs, I love shiny eyeballs! May I peck yours out? Cluck cluck cluck!"

It was great to see Gary and Brian again. New Yorkers are welcome on our farm anytime, especially when they bring Stratus ice wine, croissants, baguettes and other goodies! Because you know, the way to my heart is through my stomach.

And now for something completely different. I got this "teacup owl" on (where I did most of my Christmas shopping this year), and he has found a perfect home in the beautiful teacup painted by my talented friend Ronna (check out the Faux Spaghetti & Meatball cake she made!)

The owl does have to vacate its china nest when I make a cuppa! Etsy artisan Protean made this little cutie. I love her stuff.

Okay, gotta go make myself a cuppa Marks & Spencer Extra Strong.

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