Sunday, December 20, 2009

Oatmeal for the world's most spoiled chickens...

We're having a rather early cold snap this year, and it dropped down to -29C the other day. I have been feeling sorry for the chickens (but don't worry, their coop has two heat lamps and is draught-free and they are quite warm enough in there!) so I've started making them oatmeal at bedtime every other night. Last night I got all Christmas-y and threw in some cranberries that had been in the freezer for a year, and some peas!

The girls were VERY impressed!

They were flinging oatmeal all over the place, spraying it on each other and pecking it off.

It all gets a bit messy but they love it. And I have to say, their eggs are reeeeally tasty!

I love my hens.


  1. Wow you do spoil your girls Knatolee!

  2. Now I'm not too sure if I want to return back as one of Jams' cats or yours', or as one of your chickens. It all depends on the cats'menu! That oatmeal looks really yummy on a cold day. And the group is having a lot of fun.
    Spending my second life in your warm barn looks tempting. If you promise never to barbecue one of the chickens!

  3. That oatmeal looks very festive! Did they like the Cranberries that much, since they were picked out first? Lovely photos!

  4. Looks better than the oatmeal I had this morning.

    No wonder they lay osterich sized eggs.

  5. James, take out the peas and add a bit of maple syrup and that oatmeal would have been fit for human consumption!

    Monika, they love berries. Everything was devoured in minutes.

    Jams, I have the most spoiled hens on the planet. :)

    Claudia, you could spend time as one of Jam's cats, then one of mine, then a little time as a hen in my coop. And I guarantee none of those hens will ever end up on our or anyone else's dinner table!

  6. Awesome! You will probably laugh, but I did not even know you can feed oatmeal to chickens! Wow! Your girls are eating well!

  7. I'm not laughing, Angela! I didn't know they liked oatmeal until I read about it in on the Backyard Chickens forum. Actually, chickens seem to eat just about anything, but no citrus!


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