Monday, December 14, 2009

A sure sign of winter...

...the need to wear snowshoes to walk the dogs around the farm!

I think we got a bit more snow yesterday than initially anticipated. It's starting to build up now. The chickens are not impressed and refuse to leave the barn.

But the dogs love it. I think they were hunting meadow voles, which tunnel along under the snow. Intrepid little creatures!

Snowy weeds.

And my first snowperson of the winter, a diminutive fellow at about 7" tall.

More snow on the way this evening!


  1. That snow looks beautiful... viewed from afar!

  2. I envy you. It's raining here, washing away the little snow we have. :o(

  3. Lovely photos, Knatolee. When you have no road, snowshoes are amazing, aren't they? I first used them on James Bay, in a Cree village (Rupert's House). I was very surprised on how fast, and how far, one can walk on the soft snow.

  4. in you are not sure of it's gender? ;) love his/her hair!

  5. Your dogs look like they're on a mission! Cute! I am ready to break out my snow shoes too!

  6. Love your snowperson! And stuffing their faces in the snow is something they all seem to love to do. Who knows?

  7. Snow would be great, but for a few days only. Then it can go away for the rest of the season.

    Nice pictures.

  8. Jams, didn't London just get a pile of snow?

    Monika, it looks like you might get some snow on Christmas day!

    Claudia, I love my snowshoes. It's the only way I can walk around the whole farm in winter. The snow gets especially deep in the woods. It makes the walking so much easier, doesn't it?

  9. Sue, I am not sure of its gender! :)...although the hair/hat is a bit girly!

    Shelley, those two are always on a mission when I let them loose in the fields, whether it's chasing meadow voles or eating wild turkey poop or just getting into trouble!

    Freshisle, the dogs make me laugh when they cram their heads deep into the snow, or roll on their backs. They both love the white stuff.

    James, you're in the right place not to get a ton of snow, but I hope you have a white Christmas!


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