Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Our resident ornithologist

I fired up a Cat Sitter DVD on my Mac the other day. Naomi was intrigued!

"Hello, Mr. Bird, nice to meet you. May I snap your neck and eat you?"

"I'm so excited my ears are vibrating!"

"Okay, there has got to be a way to get in there and catch that thing. Maybe if I go behind the screen, closer to that freaking book-wallpaper-border Mummy despises?"

"What? You want to peck my eyes out? You're starting to sound like Mummy's chickens!"

Yeah, you can all stop feeling sorry for our indoor cats now!!


  1. That ear vibrating cat is adorable. Squeeze it for me please! :)

  2. Haha Knatolee, it must be like the feline version of gourmet cooking!

  3. Anonymous8:11 pm

    those pics are FANTASTIC!!!

  4. I wouldn't want those two pass through the space barriers, and reach one another...You would need a Pet Ambulance to bring them to Emergency Room...

    Great Photos, Knatolee!

  5. We actually have that video! Our cats go ape over it. I even pull up a chair and swipe at the screen now and again. Then I run around the back to see if I can get them from behind. Never works.

  6. Sue, consider her squeezed!

    Jams, I think Naomi was dreaming of Oriole stir-fry or something.

    Is that you Dr. Sloth? Thank you!

    Claudia, it would get pretty ugly if the space barriers were removed.

    James, it's nice to know you have feline tendencies. :)

  7. Anonymous5:28 am

    That's hilarious!
    My (indoor) cat has a thing with tigers. I think she considers herself to be one ... have to take her to the zoo or so one day so she gets size relations.

    However, she's not interested in anything in TV - neither birds nor other prey nor documentaries about cats, lions or other relatives - but if there is something about tigers roaming the forests she sits in front of the TV pretty much like your cat, only that it's not her ears which are vibrating, but rather that last 2 cm of her tail that are going wildly. Absolutely hilarious, really! Perhaps I should buy her a DVD on tigers for Christmas ...

  8. That's awesome! My cats show no interest in the TV, but twitch and mew at the birdfeeders outside all the time.

  9. Migdalit, I wonder how shocked your kitty would be if she could meet a tiger in person??! You should see if you can get her some sort of nature film DVD on tigers!

    Lisa, I used to have a birdfeeder that suction-cupped to my window, and the cats would often sit right up against the window, obsessed. It's amazing how the birds got used to that and ignored the cats!!

  10. How dare you say Santa's drunk! Actually, he's pretty coked out, and that's not the variety you get at the convenience store (oh, okay, maybe these days it is).

    How on Earth do you think he'd make it to all those addresses if he were DRUNK, ferchrissakes? (Vell, a little SCHNAPPS hier und dere fur de cold . . . DAT vouldn't hürt . . .)

    Aber he just wouldn't be able to fit down all those chimneys without Freud's Slimming Regime.

  11. Good grief, Chef Nick, it was a Big Brothers Big Sisters holiday party! I HOPE Santa wasn't coked out. But I guess you never know these days...


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