Monday, December 21, 2009

A tree is slaughtered in the forest...

Well, to be more precise, a diseased white spruce that needed cutting down gave up its life yesterday to be our Christmas tree this year! This was Gordon's idea and while I initially scoffed at the idea of a "Charlie Brown" tree, I eventually gave in to the plan.

The tree was about ten years old and its trunk narrow enough that Gordon could cut it with his girly chainsaw (as opposed to his real, dangerous saw) that runs on a rechargeable battery!

Success! The tree is down. We only took the top seven feet or so.

The dogs and I celebrate the tree slaughter.

Of course, we had to haul that sucker back over 40 acres or so to the house.

Don't worry. It'll be a cold day in hell before I ever hold a running chainsaw. The switch was firmly OFF.

He looks so happy, and what man wouldn't after cutting things down with a power tool?

By the time we got back to the house, the dogs were cold and ready to go inside!

Meanwhile, the chickens were frolicking in the barn.

And after a hard hour in the forest, what could be better but beautiful bread made by our baker friend Willie?

He said this is not technically Stollen bread, but it was still DELICIOUS!

Willie used to be a professional baker but he is retired now (a tragic loss to stomachs all over Canada!) However, he was kind enough to get out the yeast and bake us this AND a dozen of his fabulous cinnamon buns, the best on the planet! Oh, and he also sent us on our way with homemade chocolate ice cream. Willie also makes the best ice cream on the planet. And pizza soup. And a whole bunch of other yummies.

Today is the first day of winter. We'll be decorating our tree tonight, and inhaling ice cream!


  1. Love the pix of you guys choosing a tree. It's so...rural Christmas-y...and I love it!
    That bread looks FANTASTICO!!

  2. My gastronomical dream came true this weekend: you cooking Friday, Willie the baker cooking for us on Saturday!

  3. I always feel so hungry, and so far away, when I witness your multiple feasts. If we had snow, I would probably start snowshoeing in your direction.

    That tree brought back memories of life in Northern Ontario. Not only hauling our Christmas tree, but a few more for our wood stove. And husband cutting logs which I stored in a half-shed up to my 5 feet height. Quite a job!

  4. You two have so much fun doing things many others would find a big pain. Enjoy your decorating tonight...and your dinner. But PIZZA SOUP?

    ( One year we had a tree that was too tall so George started trimming, first from the top, then the bottom and so on until we ended up with just a middle. But once the kids finished decorating it it was beautiful. Sort of.)

  5. Merry Christmas, Knat.

  6. Anonymous9:26 pm

    Loved your tree tale.

    It went for a noble cause.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Look at you and Evil Gordini and the doggy-dogs!

    Maybe we should share some time-share spaces -- you come to the big city and we go up there and yap with the polar bears!

  8. Chef Nick, I like this name you have for Gordon (courtesy of Nelson)... The EEEEEVIL Gordini!

    Claudia, I can just imagine you stacking wood in the shed. I bet you were a powerhouse back in those days! :) You must have so many great stories, with all the wonderful places you have lived.

    Fran, the pizza soup is surprisingly good. It's Willie's invention. It's a tomato soup base with things like onions and green peppers added, and good pepperoni or other smoked sausage, and mozzarella on top. A really good winter soup! And I like your Christmas tree story.

    Thanks for the Merry Christmas greetings, everyone!


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