Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Artfully done

On Sunday, we went to an art show in nearby Dunvegan featuring three excellent local artists. I did quite a bit of Christmas shopping, including gifts for myself! Here is Julius posing next to a whimsical "upcycled" dish hand-painted by my talented, kitty-loving friend Ronna:

No kitty lips are getting anywhere near this! I'm hanging it on my wall.

I also bought a beautiful owl print by Holly Kelleher (I love it!) and an egg painting by the amazing aforementioned Ronna (and I'm not just sucking up because she and her beau read my blog! No, I'm sucking up because I want latkes.)

The three resident felines check out the new work of art. Right after this photo, Alex (left) chased Julius (right) off!


  1. Love the kitties with my bowl. Especially Julius!!

  2. Ah a prfect portrait! I see they all like the bowl.. or is it the contents Knatolee?

  3. Julius likes to think he was the MODEL for your bowl, Ronna!

    And nothing in the bowl, Jams. Apparently they just found it attractive! I can't feed my cats in anything but unbreakable (metal) bowls, because when Alex is hungry, he lets us know by systematically knocking his bowls off the "kitty credenza" one by one. So annoying! And we can't feed the cats on the floor because of the Hoover-dogs!

  4. Yes, I love the kittens.
    But Gordon has the right weekend lumberjack look.
    However, I prefer to look even more nerdy by exposing the glow-in-the-dark suspenders over all garments.
    Thus, the neighbours, and any rescue units, if necessary, can easily spot lumberjack in the forest.
    Orange rules!

  5. Anonymous8:16 pm

    beautiful stuff. ... and speaking of beautiful stuff... i just today ordered TWO Katie of the Sonoran Desert books. one for me and one for my student who is using the book to analyze the translation processes of the author! (how cool is that?!)


  6. Newsman, I shall have to shop for some fluorescent suspenders for my man!

    Dr. Sloth, that's fabulous! Thank you!!! Let me know what you think of the book.

  7. What do you mean Julius was not the model... sure looks like it to me!
    Love Holly's Owl!

  8. ELisabeth, maybe Julius has been sneaking out of the house at night to visit Ronna's place!


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