Monday, December 14, 2009

Soup on a snowy day

I think we got more snow than expected yesterday! Winter is definitely here. It was a perfect night for homemade soup, and Gordon obliged:

Chicken and chickpea soup with cilantro and lemon. It was SO good, and I have leftovers for lunch today! He got the recipe out of the latest issue of Martha Stewart's Everyday Food magazine. I am not a huge MS fan but I do like the recipes in this little mag!

"Take the frigging picture already and let me finish eating!"
Yes, dear.


  1. WOW! Homemade warm soup on a winter day. Il vaut son pesant d'or, ce mari! I don't know how to translate that. It's high praise for the husband.

  2. He's worth his weight in gold, apparently. Maybe in gold-flesh potatoes, with a bit of saffron and some chicken. Hmmmm, tasty, tasty chicken.

  3. Thanks, Happy Wombat Boy. Sometimes, I'm stucked, either in French, or in English. We call that Franglais in Ontario.

  4. Caludia, he's a good lad, that husband of mine.Et oui, il vaut son peasnt d'or, c'est vrai! Don't worry, there's LOTS of Franglais around here, including in my own maison! :)

    HWB, that is not MY chicken in the soup. You are bad. Badbadbadbadbad!


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