Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'm being tortured by a teenager...

My friends' daughter Rachel is truly a wonderful girl and we love her lots. At the age of 13, she is a very fine young person. She also adores baking, and lately has taken to sending me photos of her efforts. This is torture, because she lives over 500 miles away in the US, so it's not like I get to SAMPLE any of these creations!

For Thanksgiving, she made this beautiful pumpkin pie. Heck, I hate pumpkin pie and even I want to have some!

Then the other day it was sugar cookies...

She said this maple leaf was just for me, but she's the one who ate it! She offered to mail it to be me but we decided it would be mouldy by the time Canada Post got it delivered...

And here is her chocolate-chip banana bread, which caused problems because the batter overflowed a bit and made a mess in the oven, which her mother then MADE her clean up! (Can you imagine?! ;) )

We are hoping Rachel will come visit us next summer and if she does, I am going to make her bake for me every day. Okay, maybe I'll give her a break and make that every other day!

Meanwhile, I collected a bunch of black walnuts that fell from our trees, but they are so hard you can't open them with a nutcracker. I need to get the sledgehammer out of the garage...

ADDENDUM: I forgot to post these two...


M & M cookies!

Have a happy weekend. I promise not to mention holiday newsletters again for at least 48 hours!


  1. Haha she knows you want some but cant have them!

  2. Now that's what you call "sweet revenge"! Hahahahaha....sorry :)

  3. Happy Holidays! I pray that your year was full of joy and success and that 2010 will bring favor and prosperity.

  4. My mother loved black walnuts and used to lay them out in her driveway and drive the car over them. The driveway had some very weird stains, but Mother's black walnut divinity was divine!

  5. OOooooh Lisa!! Good one! (Or bad one!) :)

    Jams, we're hoping to punish the young girl by having her visit for a week or two next summer and bake for us constantly.

    MerrilyMarylee, I think it's time for me to drive the car over the walnuts. What amazes me is that the dogs pick them up and crack them open with their teeth... that can't be good for the enamel!!

  6. Oh, you just gave me a great idea of what to do with my extra mini-chocolate chips. I think the boys are tiring of cc waffles.

    Love the hearty soup too.

    (I didn't know you owned a gecko)

  7. I have been craving M&M cookies since Rachel sent me that photo! When she comes out to visit next summer, I am going to make her bake for me every other day. Hahaha!

    Yes, Kartini is a good little gecko, no trouble at all. We're amazed she's still alive at 16!


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